Địa Linh Nhân Kiệt (Legends of Vietnam)'s Kickstarter campaign


Hi, this is nhóm Na. We are a three-person board game maker group based in San Francisco, California. Born and raised in Vietnam, we have all learned about epic tales of heroes and heroines who shaped the nation. For example, the farm boy named Đinh Tiên Hoàng who practiced battles with tree sticks later turned general turned king conquering 12 civil war factions to established the Đinh dynasty. Another example is the empress Ỷ Lan who led adeptly the entire nation through chaos multiple times. Some tale was essential to our culture such as Lang Liêu who combined the meanings of earth and sky to make the Vietnamese traditional new year cake. Unfortunately, our kids who were born outside Vietnam have very limited chances to learn these stories. We want to make an impact for our kids and anyone who is interested in Vietnamese history and culture.

Learning from our own experiences making Đồng Hành (http://naboardgame.com), another Vietnamese board game about geography, we are taking on our most ambitious project yet: to make a game of 60 famous heroes, heroines, and battles of the past. Those are *sixty* unique illustrations of modern design styles each can be printed beautifully into posters. Our content writer also writes a book (in *both* English and Vietnamese) telling stories for each single illustration which you and your family can read after playing the games.

The project is 80% completed. We have ~50 fully illustrated, package designs to be finalized, and all 4 rules (yes, 4 games-in-one) have already gone through dozens of iterations. Notably, our rule #2 just won the 54 Cards Vietnamese Board Game contest for Best Overall 2nd Price, Most Innovative, and Best Artwork game.

We need your supports to make our mission come true:

"Let everyone of all ages enjoy Vietnamese history using 21st century most fun medium: board games."


In less than 2 days, our campaign raised 2.5X the goal 😮🥳🥂 As Khanh, our art director said, "I guess we now have to make this game for real huh?" 😅

We are so excited - it's great to see this much interest in a game based on Vietnamese history!

Thanks so much for those of you who already backed our game 🤗 And those of you who reached out to give us early feedback and input, you're awesome as well! The campaign is running for 28 more days, please continue sharing it to people you know who might be interested.


October 20, 2019 is a special day for us. In case you wonder why, below is a snippet from the Na Boardgames group chat


👲VietAnh, game master

👧Phuong Anh, resident artist 

👨Khanh, art director 

👩Phuong, history nerd 


👲: Whoohooo, we did it! 

👩: We did what? 

👲: Did you see the email from Kickstarter? Our game raised almost 5X our target 💹 💪

👩: 🎉

👨: I guess we really have to make it now huh 😓? 

👧: Does it mean I have to do more work 😨? 

👩: Do we? 😱

👲: Let's get to work! 

Jokes aside, we're so thrilled that the game got funded. It's been a dream of ours to share our passion for game and for Vietnamese history with you, and it's becoming ever more real with this campaign. Thank you so much for your support! Look out for more updates and details as the game progresses!


"Reality has a surprising amount of detail" - John Salvatier.

Making a game is difficult, our past 3 years has been full of unexpected obstacles. Even after our manufacturers finished the production, we still have to solve unexpected packaging or chase after UPS cars.

I can sleep well tonight though. Because I know the games and rewards are finally on their way to everyone who has provided us their addresses. I'm proud that not only my team have delivered on time but also that we have created something meaningful to share with you.

Thank you and enjoy.


From: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/vietanh/board-g-ame-ia-linh-nhan-kiet-by-nhom-na?ref=discovery&term=dialinhnhankiet

Game rules

Buy at: Địa Linh Nhân Kiệt (Legends of Vietnam)

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