Đồng Hành (Vietnam Quest)'s story


From North to South our arms extend, going from endless fields to climb hills and mountains…”
Thus goes a famous Vietnamese song by Trinh Cong Son that underlines the vastness of Vietnam.

Each land, each region of Vietnam has its own unique features that few people have fully explored. The map of Vietnam Quest tries to highlight these features. The map of Vietnam changes with the country’s history, and only came to its present shape by the 19th century. That’s why the Vietnam Quest map is based on the 19th century map of Vietnam with the main regions at that time.

Though the map has been simplified, it stays faithful to the main geographical attributes of Vietnam such as the Truong Son mountain range running along the Middle-Southern parts of Vietnam, the Cuu Long (Mekong) river that encloses the Southwestern delta before it meets the Pacific.

To help players learn more about each region, the resources in the game corresponds with the actual resources of each region in real life. For example, delta regions will have more rice, and the Highland regions, which in real life has a lot of minerals and metal mines, have more ore. Hopefully the more you play, the more you will learn about the geography of Vietnam and the more you will love this country.


Do you have memorable stories about places you have traveled to? For those of us on the Na Boardgames team making Vietnam Quest, such memories always tie to breathtaking natural sites, unique culture, and complex history. And of course, there are local specialties which we could never forget.

Every region in Vietnam has that unforgettable combination, but not everyone has been to all of them. That's why in Vietnam Quest, we create a card to summarize this information for each region. You will use the cards to interact with the map, or learn more about each region by reading the fun facts.

If you ever have the opportunity to travel to different corners of Vietnam and eat these dishes, please help us share those beautiful moments with friends and family.


This boardgame is currently being produced on demand at our current manufacturer in Wisconsin, USA. All the circle tokens and rings are laser cut, so you may notice a burnt wood scent when you first open the box. The burnt marks can easily be cleaned by a wet napkin before the first time playing.

The big map comes folded in six segments. It is easiest to open the map vertically before unfolding horizontally.

Shuffle the region cards thoroughly to make every game a unique travel experience.


Game rules

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